Field of sunflowers with large blossoms.


Sunflowers are a bright and cheerful addition to any garden. They provide a lot of color, attract pollinators, and can even serve as a food source for birds and other animals and even humans. Find tips in our guides down below to help you plant and grow your own, care for your sunflowers and harvest their seeds, and choose the best varieties for your needs. Happy gardening!

Here Comes the Sun: 15 Popular Sunflower Varieties

A close up horizontal image of a field of bright sunflowers pictured on a blue sky background.

Selecting the best sunflower cultivar to grow in your garden is a labor of love. This guide introduces many of the most popular, including mammoth seed-producers, sweet dwarfs for container gardening, and mid-size favorites in a range of colors. Discover 15 of the most popular sunflower varieties to choose from now.

How to Plant and Grow Sensational Sunflowers

Is there anything more cheerful than the sight of a sunflower nodding in the gentle breeze? Not only are sunflowers beautiful, but they’re also edible. And if you think seeds are just for snacking, think again. Discover everything you need to know to grow sunflowers in your garden with this growing guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Sunflowers as a Cover Crop

A close up horizontal image of a field of densely planted sunflowers growing as a cover crop.

Home gardeners can grow sunflowers as a cover crop that will prevent erosion, build soil, retain moisture, and suppress weeds. This atypical choice provides flowers and seed heads for the birds while building your raised bed or garden soil. This guide explains how to grow the flowers for maximum benefit and beauty.

Tips for Growing Black Oil Sunflowers in the Home Garden

A horizontal image of a large field of black oil sunflowers in full bloom.

Best uses for black oil sunflowers include native and wildlife plantings, flower gardens, and microgreens. The disease-resistant plants have striking blooms that produce seeds that appeal to songbirds and pollinators alike. Our tips make it simple to grow your own supply of birdseed for the winter. Read more now.

A Pot of Gold: How to Grow Sunflowers In Containers

A close up horizontal image of bright yellow sunflowers growing in pots pictured on a soft focus background.

No garden space? No problem! You can grow dwarf and mid-size varieties of sunflowers in pots or planters. This guide includes the best container growing tips and techniques. Choose the top sunflowers, a full sun spot, and sow wisely, and soon you’ll have your own pot of golden flowers for seed or floral arrangements.

Is My Sunflower an Annual or a Perennial? Here’s How to Tell

A close up horizontal image of a small wild sunflower growing in the garden with trees and blue sky in the background

Among the best sunflower varieties to grow in the garden, some are perennial and others annual. Our guide explains how to tell the two apart using botanical names and other clues. Then, choose the type that will work best for your growing situation. Is your sunflower a perennial? With these tips, you’ll know for sure.

Cheer Up! Solutions for Sunflowers That Droop

A close up horizontal image of a drooping sunflower growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

Why are your sunflowers drooping? Whether the flowers are facing the ground or your seedlings are slumped, you can use these tips to play detective and possibly revive them. Causes include pests, transplant shock, and seed heads forming. Learn ways to spot trouble and possible solutions with this handy guide.

How to Help Sunflowers That Won’t Bloom

A close up horizontal image of a sunflower bud that is just starting to open up pictured on a green soft focus background in bright light.

When your easy-care, cheerful sunflower plants refuse to bloom, the cause could be a disease, poor location, or a sunflower variety that takes a while to flower. To get to the root of the problem, check out these possible explanations and what to do for each. Here’s how to coax your sunflowers to bloom. Read more.

How to Identify and Control Common Sunflower Pests

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There is nothing more disappointing than finding caterpillars chewing the seedlings to bits, aphids sucking on the stems, or larvae wriggling in the flower heads of the sunflowers you planted. Read more now to learn everything you need to know about common Helianthus insect pests and how to deal with them.

9 Popular Pollenless Sunflowers to Grow in Your Garden

A close up of a bright red Helianthus annuus flower growing in the garden with a blue sky background.

Sunflowers that don’t produce pollen were bred for pro florists and are now available to home gardeners. Here’s a fresh-picked roundup of popular pollenless varieties with unique blooms, available in a rainbow of colors and sizes. Some are suited for containers too. Ready to grow your own? Read more on Gardener’s Path.

How to Grow Teddy Bear Sunflowers

A close up horizontal picture of two bright yellow blooms of Helianthus annuus 'Teddy Bear' growing in the garden with a wooden fence in soft focus in the background, pictured in bright sunshine.

For huge, double-petalled blooms on shorter plants, sweet, sunny ‘Teddy Bear’ sunflowers are a colorful addition to the summer garden. This easy-to-grow dwarf cultivar adds texture to borders and beds, and is a cutting garden favorite. Find top tips for growing ‘Teddy Bear’ sunflowers in your landscape. Read more now.

How to Protect Sunflowers from Birds and Squirrels

A close up horizontal image of a gray squirrel walking on a wooden fence holding a sunflower in its mouth, pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Are wildlife pests trying to make a meal from your sunflowers? Try these kind and effective tricks to protect sunflower blooms from squirrels and birds. Nets (for the flowers!) and scary Mylar are two of the best ways to preserve your flowers for yourself, and seeds for the songbird feeder. Read more now.

How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

A close up of the head of a sunflower with bright yellow petals and seeds developing in the center, pictured on a soft focus background.

Are you growing sunflowers and wondering when and how you should harvest them to enjoy your own fresh sunflower seeds? In this guide, you’ll learn all the top tips on when and how to harvest delicious, nutritious, homegrown sunflower seeds. Plus, we include instructions for roasting and recipe ideas. Read more now.