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The application process has now closed. The council has run a two-stage assessment process to select a preferred proposal for the Walworth Town Hall opportunity. Both stages were be evaluated by officers in house, with specialist consultant support and statutory stakeholder input. Stage two included community consultation through exhibitions, online consultation and a presentation evening by the stage 2 shortlisted applicants. The Cabinet report from 12 March 2019 outlines the process and decision.

1. Expressions of interest

Southwark Council initially requested outline information of proposals and responses to areas of particular importance to the council through the Expressions of Interest (EOI) application form. Evaluation of the proposals formed a shortlist of applicants for stage 2.

Opportunity Launched: 4 December
Viewings: 11 and 12 December and 29 and 30 January 2018
Registered Applicant Q&A: January 24
EOI Deadline: 12 March
Stage 1 Shortlist: June

2. Invitation to bid

Progressing to stage 2 required greater detail about proposals.

Stage 2 collected in-depth method statements and details from potential partners, including: proposed works schedule and detailed delivery strategy, timescales, funding options, financial records, long term business plan etc.

Stage two: July 2018
Stage 2 Deadline: Autumn 2018
Tender Selection: Winter 2018

Stage 2 shortlisted applicants and their proposals were evaluated and resulted in the selection of a preferred provider in winter 2018. Overall project completion to bring the buildings back into use is estimated to be no sooner than 2021, allowing for at least a three year planning and construction phase.